Business information across organizations is growing at an accelerated rate, while at the same time the regulatory requirements for data retention and data protection are increasing.

This is resulting in overburdened IT systems and capacities stretched to critical point, which are in turn driving up costs for servers, storage, databases, operations and application maintenance.

As the number of data sources increases so do information silos, which are negatively impacting the performance and efficiency of applications.

Our offering

OpenText (former EMC) InfoArchive, a unified enterprise-wide archive solution that archives data in any format and from any system.


Archive inactive data into a single, unified repository and reduce the costs for storage, servers, operations and DBMS licenses.

Meet industry stipulated regulations for data retention, protection and auditability.

Retire outdated applications and optimize current ones for speed and efficiency, while yielding savings in annual application maintenance fees.

Make archived documents widely available and easy to retrieve by authorized users, reducing the time it takes to search through information.

  • Ministry of Justice / Prosecutor’s Office – PCMS (Prosecution Case Management System)
  • Serbian Tax Administration – Electronic Registry Office application, more than 10,000 new cases per day, more than 200 locations
  • Agency for Restitution – EasyDoc solution, more than 200 users
  • Government of Republic of Serbia – Electronic government sessions
  • Telekom Serbia ECM and MTel Banja Luka – Unified Solution for Office and Archive Management based on the EMC Documentum platform
  • The Constitutional Court of Republic of Serbia – Electronic registry office, court case management and electronic court sessions based on the EMC Documentum platform

Mihajlo Canic

Project Manager and Leading ECM Business Consultant
+381 11 2015 662