Web portals help you make efficient use of your most valuable resources – information and people. But web portal implementation and maintenance can be quite complex. It requires a deep understanding and analysis of your business processes, user needs, existing technologies, portal platforms and available portal features.

If you are embarking on a web portal project, you will be faced with several challenges – accessing internal information locked in systems that are not well integrated, integration of different platforms and technologies, training end users, managing content, as well as deciding what features are the most essential to your business.

Our approach

Comtrade System Integration portal specialists work with you during each phase of web portal development – from planning and design to configuration, deployment and testing. We use a methodological approach to assess your organizational structure, business processes, the industry you work in and your content needs. We cover all aspects of web portal design and implementation – technical, organizational, functional and informational.

Our offering

We specialize in creating portal solutions using the Liferay technology platform, the leading open source portal for enterprises. Liferay offers a combination of off the shelf and tailor-made portals resulting in state-of-the-art look and feel for the end user.

Our web portal solutions improve business processes by enabling:

  • Faster and better organization of internal communication
  • A single point of collaboration and information sharing fully customizable to each employee’s preferences
  • Better decision making through workflow usage

Our expertise

Portal interface design

  • Portal common interface (CI) design
  • Latest contemporary design concept
  • Responsive web design

System architecture design

  • Application design
  • Database design
  • Infrastructure design

System development and configuration

  • User management configuration
  • Content management system (CMS) configuration
  • Workflow configuration
  • Master templatization
  • Customized web parts/portlet developments
  • System integration

System testing

  • System integration testing
  • Stress testing
  • Security testing
  • Quality testing
  • User acceptance testing

System training

  • End user training
  • Specialized product training
  • Technical handover workshop

Portal maintenance

  • Content management and update
  • System support for bug fixes and patch update
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Experienced portal specialists, including web programmers, software engineers, QA engineers, system engineers, infrastructure engineers, specialized solution architects and project managers
  • Strong knowledge of content management and technology challenges faced by organizations today
  • Experience building various types of portals: enterprise, B2B, customer service portals
  • Comtrade Group: e-Tender application
  • Tax Administration: e-Taxes Portal

Djordje Petrovic

Business Consultant