Data Protection

We help you pick, evaluate and implement the right technology to protect the lifeblood of your organization – your data.


Unlike desktops, servers and other physical IT assets, your company’s data is not simply sitting in your building surrounded by four walls. It flows in, out and through your organization like blood in the circulatory system. Data is one of your organization’s most valuable resources and as such requires maximum security. Creating a data protection strategy, choosing backup and recovery software and managing backups across your organization can be a challenge for many IT execs.


Our years of experience in implementing backup software and storage systems for businesses of all sizes makes us a partner of choice for your data protection needs. We use industry standard backup products and customize them to fit your IT environment and specific data needs. Our backup specialists work with you to help you answer questions like what business critical data do you need to back up and how frequently, whether it’s better to store your data on-site or off-site and how much are your data volumes expected to grow in the future.

Whether you have a single office, many geographically dispersed locations or a mobile workforce, we’ll work with you to find a data protection solution that fits your company’s needs and your industry’s data protection standards.


  • Data Storage Solutions for Backup and archiving
    • EMC DataDomain
    • Fujitsu CS800/CS8000
    • HP StoreOnce for backup
  • Enterprise Backup Software
    • EMC NetWorker
    • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
    • CommVault Simpana
    • Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager
    • Symantec Backup Exec
    • Symantec NetBackup


Trained and certified in implementing and maintaining market leading data protection solutions

We offer data protection as a fully managed service

Our data protection solutions can be customized to fit your business needs

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