A well-designed architecture won’t withstand the test of time if it’s not supported by reliable building blocks or looked after regularly.


Today’s networks are highly complex, consisting of hundreds, even thousands of hubs, routers, switches, servers, desktops and remote devices. Design, implementation and management of such vast and intricate structures requires knowledge, experience and time. Perhaps, your organization doesn’t have dedicated resources for all three. Engaging a third party IT services provider can help you improve network performance, reduce costs and increase productivity.


Choosing the right IT engineering and managed network services partner is essential to the long-term success of your business. Designing and building your network is in many ways like building a house – the foundation requires quality materials and contractors who are masters of their trade. With over two decades of experience and IT experts knowledgeable in all aspects of network solution design, implementation and maintenance, Comtrade System Integration offers an unmatched combination of skills and experience on the regional market. We work with the world’s top hardware vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Allied Telesys, HP, Paolo Alto), giving you peace of mind that your network’s foundation is supported by the very best technology.



  • IT engineering
  • Managed network services
  • Hardware procurement


  • SOHO
  • Branch and core routers
  • Access and core switches
  • Wireless controllers
  • Access points
  • Access control servers
  • Network management system
  • Next generation firewalls and more


  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Juniper
  • Allied Telesys
  • Palo Alto
  • Checkpoint


15+ years of experience in design, implementation and maintenance of enterprise networks scaling multiple technologies, locations and data centers

Trained and certified in multiple vendor solutions from SMB to enterprise class

Long-term, successful partnerships with leading global network equipment manufacturers

Highly knowledgeable IT support team available 24/7

Infrastructure Services Team Leader
+381 11 2015 650
  • Telekom Srbija – Data center migration, Cisco core switches, data center switches
  • Serbian Broadband Agency – LAN and WAN design and implementation of Cisco core and edge router switches
  • Ministry of Finance – Treasury – Data center design and implementation of Cisco core and data center switches
  • National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia – LAN design and implementation of Cisco core routers and switches, access points, wireless controller, wireless control server
  • Association of Serbian Insurers – Design and implementation of Cisco edge routers and core switches
  • ELEM Macedonia – Juniper core and edge routers, core and access switches
  • Unicredit bank – Juniper core and edge routers, access switches
  • Nova TV – Design and implementation of HP switches, access points, wireless controllers
  • PE Post of Serbia – Implementation of HP routers, D-link switches
  • LUVATA – LAN design and implementation of Allied Telesis core and access switches, access points and wireless controller