Banking Transformation Opportunities and Challenges: Blockchain, Viber, GDPR, IT Security

PUBLISHED: 26. April 2018.

Comtrade System Integration took part in this year’s Technobank conference as Platinum sponsor.


Technobank 2018 shed light on the hottest IT trends for the financial industry including blockchain, crypto currencies, new payment methods, GDPR and PSD 2 regulations and many others.


Comtrade SI showcased its portfolio of banking technology solutions that help improve processes, offer better experiences, protect client data and achieve regulatory compliance.


Providing quick and easy services to client is top a priority for banks. Together with our partners Wacom Europe and SET CEE, Comtrade SI presented ePero: a cloud-based digital signature solution. The visitors had the opportunity to test the product and learn how ePero enables banks to reduce costs while improving the quality of services.

Today’s banks need to anticipate customers’ needs to provide them with the best offers. For that, they need a flexible CRM system that meets specific industry requirements. We teamed up with our partner VeriPark to offer VeriTouch banking CRM and Campaign Management solution providing a 360-degree view of the client and a range of finance-specific modules. Comtrade SI representatives delivered a presentation at Technobank, sharing their experiences and key learnings from implementing the CRM solution in Addiko bank.


Another popular topic addressed at the conference was cyber security. Financial organizations face more security threats than ever before. New regulations such as GDPR put even more pressure on banks to keep their data safe from online attackers. With a portfolio of IT security solutions, Comtrade SI helps banks and financial institutions protect their networks, IT systems, users and data against growing cyber security threats. Technobank was also a chance to present our OMS4RMS solution for Azure Information Protection service, which helps companies speed GDPR compliance with admin and file monitoring capabilities.

The key takeaway from this year’s Technobank is that innovation equals survival. Banks will need to focus on introducing new communication channels to acquire and retain customers. That is why we developed a banking platform for the popular messing app, Viber. The solution can be integrated directly with banks’ existing digital channels and allows users to carry out a variety of transactions in just a few clicks. Furthermore, we also provide implementation support for Viber Instant Messaging, a solution enabling banks to interact with clients in real time by sending notifications, updates, promotional offers and other content.


Technobank highlighted many IT innovations, but it’s also worth mentioning that digital transformation starts from within. A digital bank is agile, flexible and receptive to change. The prerequisite for becoming a digital bank is having efficient internal processes. Our service portfolio includes Business Process Management (BPM), a business solution which enables banking organizations to automate, design, implement, optimize and monitor key processes and workflows: customer on boarding, account activation, issuing or credit cards…


Alongside BPM, Comtrade SI also offers a solution for the electronics archiving of documents that helps banks simplify document management, as well as a solution for the electronic processing of payment instruments, which optimizes everyday tasks such as cheque cleaning and payment processing.


In addition to showcasing our products, we delivered a blockchain presentation about Ripple, a new digital currency that has gained considerable popularity amongst major international banks. Last but not the least, we also injected some fun into the banking world with a photo booth and personalized ‘banking’ fortune cookies.