Comtrade stages another successful banking event “New bank – your bank”

PUBLISHED: 29. March 2019.

On the 21st of March, Comtrade System Integration staged a banking event titled “New Bank – Your Bank”. This event was a gathering of leading experts and innovators in the financial sector in an interactive, educational and fun environment. This year’s event, which was staged at the Smokvica restaurant at Ada Ciganlija, began with a networking breakfast which provided the perfect prelude to the exchange of experiences that followed. Comtrade System Integration experts shared our company’s perspectives on transformations and trends in the financial sector, back office transformations, new trends in automation and analytical platforms for business decision making. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear the impressions and experiences of our clients at Addiko bank, Unicredit bank and Societe Generale bank, and gain insight in to their Comtrade-driven digital transformations with the help of real-life examples. The positive responses and feedback we have received in the last few days are a good indication that this event will continue to be staged successfully and attract the most significant stakeholders in the world of modern banking. You can see a snippet of the atmosphere at this year’s event on the photographs and the video below.