Comtrade System Integration at Case Study Show

PUBLISHED: 5. March 2019.

Comtrade System Integration is a Gold sponsor of ESTIEM’s Case Study Show this year. The event is currently taking place, both in Hotel Metropol and at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade.

It officially kicked off on March 1st and will focus on case studies in the form of a competition, offering students the opportunity to solve specific case studies provided by participating companies. Our role is to familiarize students with the case study process, providing an arena where they can demonstrate their skills and be rewarded for their efforts with career guidance and opportunities.

The event is divided into several segments starting with a Meet-up on the first day, through lectures, trainings and workshops that will help participants better understand how to approach solving actual business problems.

Comtrade System Integration has split its program into three segments. First, Business Case focuses on students in their final years of studies. The winners of this exercise will receive an internship with our company. The second segment, Case Room, is focused on new students and those who wish to prepare for next year’s competition.

The final segment – Speed Dating, takes place on the last day of the Case Study Show and gives students the chance to experience what a job interview process entails in a 7-minute format. This will help them in their future careers.

Judging of the case study competition takes place on March 7th and is an open event that anyone can watch. A team of Comtrade System Integration experts will be judging students.

Comtrade System Integration is a company that truly believes today’s students are tomorrows specialists.

You can view the first day video here.