PUBLISHED: 16. November 2018.

Comtrade System Integration officially launched a Bosnia and Herzegovina division on the 14th of November and on that occasion, organized a formal event at the Novotel hotel in Sarajevo. Numerous partners, vendors and leaders of significant companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina attended the event, which presented some of the many partnerships our company has nurtured with various clients and sectors over 25 years.

Comtrade Group has been present on the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market since 1999 through companies Comtrade Distribution and Comtrade Solutions. These two business verticals currently employ 300 workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a number that will increase with the introduction of Comtrade System Integration and the employment of 30 local consultants, engineers and experts.

In his opening address, Comtrade’s president Veselin Jevrosimović reflected on two decades of Comtrade in Bosnia and Herzegovina saying “You have been exceptional hosts over the last 20 years and we have strived to be good employers. This will continue in the future”. He emphasized the fact that on a global scale, Comtrade has over 2000 employees and that the company is working on projects for some of the world’s largest companies, such as Citrix, Ryanair, HP, Skill and Google via four technology centers.

Representatives from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco and Dell EMC Adriatic also addressed attendees. Their presentations highlighted the value of their collaboration with Comtrade System Integration and our company mission – to help clients to successfully transform their business models and advance their competitiveness with leading technology.

“Comtrade System Integration is a reliable partner to companies on the path to digital transformation and our team in Sarajevo offers great expertise in the latest technology, including cloud, big data, business analytics, security solutions, information systems, tools for business collaboration and many others. We wish to grow with our economy and together with our engineers and clients, participate in the digital transformation of Bosnia and Herzegovina” declared Damir Fetahagić – General Director of Comtrade System Integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Novotel was also host to a panel discussion on the topic of “Digital Transformation – Challenges, Steps, and Results.” Our team’s Cloud, business analytics, fintech, CRM, document management and software solution development experts presented their experiences in this field.

The goal of this discussion was to familiarize attendees with regional and global trends in technology, company demands and challenges, ways in which digital technology can support innovation, as well as how to establish efficient working environments and create new business opportunities.

One of the key messages of today’s event was that “Digital transformation must not wait”. As a company that employs expert engineering staff and actively works on client education and the promotion of the latest IT trends, we aspire to building strong partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina; with an emphasis on creating a commercial environment in which innovation and cutting-edge technology prevail. This successful launch event represents the beginning of a new chapter in the familiar region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.