The future of finance – Technobank 2019

PUBLISHED: 12. April 2019.

On the 10th and 11th of April, Belgrade hosted the 12th annual Technobank conference – the region’s leading conference for global and modern banking. This event gathers banks and exhibitors from the western Balkans and provides them with a platform on which they can exchange insights and information about what is new in the banking industry, particularly innovations and technology trends in the financial sector.

After a retrospective of the year gone by and the technology that has led the evolution of the banking industry, as with every year, the question arises – what is the future of finance and how will it affect local markets? Numerous experts shared their company’s views on this subject in their presentations at the conference.

Goran Slijepčević, Executive Director of the Finance and Enterprise sector of Comtrade System Integration staged a presentation on the topic of back office transformations and the improvement of key processes such as BPM, RPA and KYC, with reference to a case study of our successful implementation of our KYC solution at the Societe Generale bank.

Comtrade System Integration once again supported the ambitions of the event organizers and attendees and with our presence contributed to raising awareness of the relevant trends in banking and finance. Our company will continue to set the standard when it comes to creating technology solutions for more efficient, secure and profitable banking, as well as education about the importance of this technology for local and global markets.