Comtrade offers a wide range of services based on Microsoft Operation Management Suite


Our services enable Companies that their data and services are monitored, secure and accessible regardless of where they and what they are (MS or OSS). A hybrid IT infrastructure today is a common scenario, but whatever the mix, Comtrade provides ongoing support or complete management of services in order to keep performance high and costs low.


Comtrade provides full consulting services on how to secure emails, documents and sensitive data while maintaining the flexibility of modern day communications and information sharing. Regardless of the issues (malicious attacks or general negligence), the service helps ensure that customer data is identifiable and secure, a key requirement of the GDPR—regardless of where it’s stored or how it’s shared.

The client can classify, label, and protect new or existing data, share it securely with people within or outside of the organization, track usage, and even revoke access remotely. Azure Information Protection also includes rich logging and reporting to monitor data distribution as well as the options to manage and control encryption keys.


Comtrade solution, OMS4RMS enables companies to support various scenarios of business insights, abuse monitoring and deep forensic analysis of important data and information. OMS4RMS incorporates the flexibility of the Operations Management Suite (OMS) and extends the end to end monitoring for the Azure Information Protection service (AIP) with predefined sets of views. It also delivers precise information of the AIP service usage and detailed overview of the protected files activities.

A company can create alerts triggered by defined security events and audit important administrative actions regarding files and users that are protected by AIP. Data leakage and abnormal activates can be noted and appropriate reactions can be performed.

OMS4RMS provides the following major features:

Admin Audit

  • x
    Track RMS portal actions in administrative mode
  • x
    Listing of user AIP activities
    • Protected files by file owners
    • Sharing of protected files with specific users (inside and outside of enterprise)
    • Successful and unsuccessful access of data
    • Revoke of protected files
    • Export of track RMS portal data to Csv

AIP Protected files activity

  • x
    Statistic view of protected files
  • x
    Number of successful and unsuccessful view attempts after working hours and weekends
  • x
    Statistic of user and protected file activates based on:
    • User and File location (IP based)
    • Operating system used for protected file access (Windows, MacOS, Android…)
    • Distinction between Workstations and mobile devices
    • Device manufacturer and model for mobile devices
    • Application name used for protected file access