Public Sector

Improve services that you offer to your citizens by getting your internal processes into shape.


Comtrade System Integration has been working with clients in the public administration and government sector for over a decade providing solutions that enable better document management, transparent processes, improved regulatory compliance and increased productivity.

Through more than 200 successfully implemented projects, we have gained extensive knowledge of the public sector, our clients’ needs and technologies that dominate their work environment. Our offering includes a range of services to help you transition to a paperless office environment, rapidly adopt electronic services and ensure compliance with state and international legislation.

We are a consulting partner for more than 50 public institutions in the region and have worked on large-scale projects with many notable clients, including the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Serbian Tax Administration.


What can we help you with?

Data Centers

A range of solutions to help you achieve high operational efficiency and better delivery of electronic services.

e-Archive and Case Management

Achieve more with less. Simplify your operations with a paperless office, automated document processing and searchable electronic archives.

Our Services


Consultation services to get you on the right track to optimizing your business processes.

Our Services


Improved registration processes. Easier and faster information sharing. Integration with relevant government institutions’ systems.

Executive Sales Director, Public Sector
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