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The new breed of customers is digital. They demand sophistication, speed of service and highly personalized communication. As a telecommunications provider, satisfying this demand means you have to seamlessly integrate a number of services that go beyond traditional voice and data connectivity.

With years of experience delivering solutions for the telco industry, we have developed a portfolio of vendor-based and our own IP solutions. Whether it’s unifying fragmented system architecture, upgrading legacy systems or migrating data, Comtrade System Integration works with you to help you overcome the challenges of your IT infrastructure.

Our solutions are used by telecommunications operators with more than 8 million subscribers regionally. TM Forum global industry association standards for telecoms are embedded in every one of our solutions ensuring that best practices are adopted in solution modelling, business process management and application interoperability.

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Deliver a highly personalized customer experience. Capture and process customer orders in minutes. Minimize workforce at the point-of-sale.

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Optimize data and content management to empower your workforce to make data-driven decisions.


Move your infrastructure to the cloud with the best-of-breed middleware stack technologies.

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