The Future of Data Centers: Comtrade System Integration Business Breakfast

PUBLISHED: 20. November 2017.

On the 16th November Comtrade System Integration organized the “Data Centers of the Future” Business Breakfast for its partners in Belgrade.
The Business Breakfast aimed to showcase the advantages of using hyperconverged infrastructure – one of the fastest-growing technology developments today.

During the event, Comtrade SI presented Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure solution which combines storage, compute and network resources into a single, high-performing system with enterprise functionalities.

Aleksandar Rakić, Senior System Engineer, Comtrade System Integration, shared his experience and key learnings from implementing Cisco HyperFlex solution in the Post of Serbia.
He explained how the solution helped the client gain more CPU, memory and network resources to meet its growing business needs. The session also included a demonstration of Cisco HyperFlex.
Nataša Spasić Jovanović, IT infrastructure Director at the Post of Serbia spoke about the benefits the company obtained by implementing Cisco HyperFlex.
The main focus of the Business Breakfast was to provide new insights into the future of data centers, helping our partners stay on top of the IT trends that are transforming how organizations work and manage their infrastructure resources.