Obtain a detailed analysis in case of a threat to your key information


OMS4RMS makes Microsoft’s AIP service more as it extends its functionality. It automatically processes, compiles and makes evident to admins its complex reporting, making it simple and fast. In addition, it helps  AIP users in their pursuit of GDPR compliance. It enables enterprises to achieve the highest level of data-privacy discipline by extending standard functions of AIP with two advanced abilities, both now required by the EU.  Namely, the means to audit the behaviour of administrators and to track activity around files protected by AIP are key features of OMS4RMS. Both allow rapid breach awareness and breach severity assessment in near-real time.


OMS4RMS uses a sophisticated component for data collection – Data Collector System (DCS). You can install it on a system of your choice – be it onto your on-premise datacenter, or as an IAAS virtual machine in the Cloud. The OMS4RMS data collector connects to one Azure Information Protection service and sends parsed data to OMS, via its API. All communication is secured via HTTPS.



  • OMS4RMS is able to track and analyze administrative activities related to files protected by AIP. Although the AIP service follows activities which take place on the RMS tracking portal in the administrative regime, it still makes potential abuse of administrative activities possible. For example, while it does keep logs of file owners' activity pertaining to sharing files with other users, as well as logs pertaining to revocation of access rights to certain files, AIP merely enables insights into these activities, it does not highlight them in any way. And given that, by using these insights, OMS4RMS looks precisely for this pattern of abuse, its function makes it possible to notice abuse done by rogue administrators, owing to which it is possible to notice in good time any data leaking and other suspicious activities and take appropriate measures accordingly.


  • By tracking all activity around files protected by AIP, OMS4RMS provides near-real-time monitoring, enables awareness of a breach, and facilitates a quick analysis of potential breaches by extracting key forensic data fast. It can limit liability as it provides -- immediately following an incident -- exact locations, times, operating systems, devices and applications involved in any suspicious activity, as well as adequate knowledge of the personal data lost.

Mobile Access to Dashboards & Alerts

  • OMS4RMS makes more versatile the information on AIP service usage and activity overviews concerning protected files. This function is customizable in AIP, allowing administrators to create unique dashboards accessible via Internet browsers, as well as any number of alerts to be automatically triggered by pre-defined security events. Information provided by OMS4RMS is accessible via all mobile devices and operating systems.


Defending a Mobile & Social Enterprise

  • The security model focused on shielding a “perimeter network” is not just old-fashioned, but wholly inadequate. Employees and organizations may now be sharing sensitive work-related and personal information via any available channel, such as mobile devices, memory sticks, email accounts and social platforms. The teams in charge of protecting data and reacting to possible breaches can tackle this never-ending challenge successfully, with the AIP service and the added value of using OMS4RMS and its range of monitoring rules, alerts and reports.

Helping Businesses Achieve GDPR Compliance

  • In the light of the GDPR-related paradigm shift, occurring in May 2018, large organizations handling personal data of any EU citizens are bound to seek technologies which are both GDPR-compliant and compatible with their infrastructure. The solution that we have in OMS4RMS fits the bill for users of Microsoft Azure Information Protection, as it addresses – out of the five standards defined in the GDPR – two very important requirements.

Reducing the Rogue Admin Risk

  • Implementing the OMS4RMS service lets enterprises automatically monitor key AIP administrative actions in near real time and enables them to respond adequately to potential breaches – a feat not offered by out-of-the-box audit & logging tools currently available.
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