Security Solutions

Network attacks lead to downtime, which translates into two things – reduced productivity and increased costs for your business.


Keeping your home safe from intruders is easy. There is one, maybe two doors to lock and secure. But your organization’s network is far more complex. Every user, desktop and corporate mobile device is a “door” into your network, a possibility for SPAM, viruses and harmful content to pry its way in and wreak havoc on your valuable resources. Maintaining information and user security is one of the most challenging aspects of IT infrastructures that companies face today.


Years of experience in implementing security solutions for the region’s leading organizations coupled with our knowledge of the latest security products make us a perfect security solutions partner. Comtrade System Integration security specialists work with you to select, evaluate and implement the right security solution for your organization’s network. Together, we answer important questions and assess your data protection needs – what types of data do you have, regulatory compliance that applies to your data, how you are using your data and where your data is stored.


  • IBM Security Qradar SIEM
  • IBM Infosphere Guardium (database security and monitoring)
  • IBM Intrusion Prevention System
  • IBM Websphere DataPower (XML and Web services security and acceleration gateway)
  • Cisco IronPort
  • Cisco SourceFire (IPS)
  • HP Tipping Point (IPS)
  • Splunk Enterprise (log management / SIEM)
  • Palo Alto Networks (Next Generation Firewall Solutions)
  • Check Point (Next Generation Firewall Solutions)
  • Microsoft PKI
  • Oms4rms


A proven track record in designing, implementing and maintaining data center security solutions

Managed security services backed by 24/7 support

Trained, certified and highly experienced experts in modern data center security solutions

A broad range of solutions: firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, security information and event management (SIEM), database security and compliance, XML and web services security and acceleration gateway, public key infrastructure

Infrastructure Services Team Leader
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Services Consultant
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  • Unicredit Bank – IBM Qradar SIEM
  • Procredit Bank – IBM Infrsphere Guardium
  • Ministry of Finance Treasury – IBM Intrusion Prevention System
  • Serbian Business Registers Agency – Palo Alto Networks
  • E-Government (MTT, MDULS) – Check Point
  • Ministry of Interior – IBM Websphere DataPower
  • Telekom Srbija – IBM Websphere DataPower
  • Serbian Business Registry Agency – IBM Websphere DataPower